How To Brush Your Teeth To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

July 8, 2020

It happens all too often: most people think that they’re brushing their teeth well enough, when they’re actually not doing anywhere near enough.

Brushing your teeth seems like an easy enough task. After all, you’ve been doing it for years. Well, hopefully.

The thing is, there’s much more to consider. It’s not just a case of squeezing out the toothpaste and polishing away the enamel.

You need to think about the angle.

You have to consider the pressure.

Even the toothbrush you use can make a difference.

Naturally, you know how to brush your teeth. But do you know how to brush them properly?

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What’s the very first thing to consider when it comes to polishing those pearly whites?

That’s right: the toothbrush.

It’s commonly thought that electric toothbrushes work better than traditional ones. This isn’t always the case – it’s really down to preference. Do you know what does matter, though?

The quality of the toothbrush.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of toothbrush options on the market. It’s definitely worth spending just a little bit more on a higher-end product: the bristles do a better job, and it’ll keep your teeth cleaner – for longer. Oh – while we’re here. Make sure you change the toothbrush (or head if it’s electric) at LEAST every 3 months.


You’ve got a good, reliable toothbrush. What’s next?

The toothpaste you use also makes a difference in the quality of your tooth-brushing routine.

Any trip to your local supermarket will reveal that there are countless toothpaste brands, all claiming to be the best.

Even TV ads showcase ‘dentist recommendations’ – though don’t be fooled, they’re actors!

To make sure you’re using a good, high-quality toothpaste, here’s what to look out for:

  • Make sure it’s fluoride!
  • Stay away from whitening toothpaste UNLESS recommended by your dentist
  • Only use sensitive toothpaste brands if you need them
  • Don’t use off-brand copies!

Oh – one more thing to consider: you should only ever use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste! Any more and you could risk causing lasting damage.


Who would have thought that the technique mattered? Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, there IS actually a ‘recommended’ method to use when it comes to brushing.

How do you brush your teeth? Up and down? Left to right?

Well, you should be using soft circular back and forth motions – wax on, wax off! This will prevent the risk of causing unwanted damage, such as wearing down the enamel on the surface of the tooth.


Pressure is also extremely important.

If you push too hard, you could scratch your teeth or gums, potentially requiring an unplanned trip to the dentist!

On the other hand, if you don’t push hard enough, you won’t be effectively cleaning your teeth.

Here’s how to know if you’re applying enough pressure:

  • Push until you can JUST feel the bristles against your teeth
  • If you’re squishing the bristles, you’re applying too much pressure

Don’t Forget The Inside!

It’s surprisingly common that dental patients forget to brush the inside of their teeth, too.

Once you’ve finished brushing the ‘visible’ part of your teeth, you need to focus on the inner part.

This will prevent the accumulation of plaque and harmful bacteria, protecting you from tooth decay and even infection.


When it comes to rinsing, you have to be somewhat careful…

You don’t want to wash away the useful fluoride, so you shouldn’t rinse your mouth out right away.

Don’t worry: we’ve also got a short (but complete) guide on the best way to rinse out your mouth. You can read it just here.

Anything Else?

There you have it: a professional dentist’s guide on how to properly brush your teeth.

Follow all these steps and you’ll have sparkling teeth in no time!

Brushing your teeth isn’t everything though. There’s a lot of different things to consider to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy!

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, why don’t we jump into the next step?

Flossing is equally as important as brushing your teeth is – you can read more about it just here.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or need to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment contact us or give us a call at (813) 333-1922.

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