Dental Crown

To put it simply, a dental crown procedure involves placing an artificial cap or covering over the top of your tooth. This can be done to either fill in a gap that is weakening the use of the tooth, strengthening the bite force of your upper and lower teeth, or just generally to improve your smile. Unlike other dental procedures, dental crowns can be placed over the top of healthy teeth to fill in any holes, gaps, or voids around them but are generally, used on problematic teeth to address a series of issues. Dental crowns are versatile in that they come in a wide variety of materials including metal alloys, composite resin, porcelain, and ceramic or any combination of these. Read on to find out why you would get a dental crown done, how they are placed into the mouth, how long they last for, and what we can do for you that is different from other dental offices in your area. 

A woman smiling as she compares dental crown shades to choose the one that matches her teeth

Why Would You Need to Get a Dental Crown Done?

One of the most common reasons that dental crowns are used is to fill in dental cavities that have become too large to drill out and fill in. A dental crown is used to fill in the gap and prevent the cavity from becoming any larger by blocking bacteria from getting into the cavity. Another common reason is when a tooth has become structurally weakened, a dental crown can be used to re-fortify it and bolster its ability. Other reasons include the following,

  • You are getting a dental implant done and a cover is necessary. 
  • You have a missing tooth and require a bridge that needs a cover.
  • You have badly discolored teeth or teeth with very wide gaps that need covering.
  • You have cosmetic concerns. 
  • You have had a root canal and need a crown to protect the tooth 

A dental crown can last anywhere between five and fifteen years, however, it is not unheard of some lasting twenty to thirty years. With proper oral care, little exposure to bacteria and plaque, and no excessive use through grinding and wear and tear, a dental crown can last a lifetime in so long as you do not have accidental trauma done to the tooth. 

How Are Dental Crowns Placed Into the Mouth?

There are three ways in which a dental crown is placed into the mouth and is dependent on what exactly is being improved. 

  1. A dental crown is placed directly on the tooth that requires restoration. This could be to help repair cracks, weakness, or cavities (therapeutic) or it may be to fulfill a desired look (cosmetic) by filling in gaps. 
  2. A dental crown may be placed directly on a dental implant. If an individual is receiving dental implants, a dental crown will be used to top off and cover the titanium post that get placed into the jawbone. These dental crowns can be permanent or replaceable. 
  3. A dental crown may be indirectly used during dental bridge work. These types of dental crowns are placed on a healthy tooth that resides on either side of the vacancy where the dental bridge will be placed. It is used to fill in any gaps that are a result of the missing tooth. 
An illustration of a dental crown placement and labels of other parts of the tooth

Would Insurance Cover A Dental Crown Procedure?

Yes. Depending on your dental insurance, crowns may be covered anywhere between 30-80%. This would be dependent on what your dental coverage is good for. Our team members are happy to assist you. 

How We Choose to be Different From Other Dental Offices

Our approach at Tampa Palms Dentistry is patient-centric, result-oriented, and holistic in the sense that we put our patient’s needs first and focus solely on their oral health. We do not recommend treatments that are unnecessary simply because they could be done. Our personalized services cater directly to you, the patient, and will always focus on what your end goal or desire is. 

If you have any questions regarding dental crowns or think you may be a good candidate for a dental crown, call us today at (813) 333-1922 to schedule an appointment.



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