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When it comes to maintaining those pearly whites, food items that are very acidic or have a lot of tannins in them, such as coffee, soda, and red wine, often cause yellow discoloration in teeth even with proper oral hygiene. This happens because your teeth will naturally diminish in color and quality over time, and certain foods and irregular brushing can expedite the discoloring. An easy solution for this discoloring is professional teeth whitening, a cosmetic dental procedure that uses peroxide gel to bleach the affected teeth. After a few sessions of professional teeth whitening, you will be able to walk away with a significantly whiter smile. Read on to find out how the process works, why people get it done, and what makes our dental office the best.

A woman smiling and pointing at her teeth after teeth whitening treatment

How the Process of Whitening Teeth Works and Why People Get It Done?

At Tampa Palms Dentistry, we will examine your oral health, and if you are a good candidate for dental whitening, we can perform this procedure in ONE DAY and typically takes about 90 minutes. 

This in-office procedure is called ZOOM whitening. The procedure starts with using a gel for protecting your gums, an extremely important step to minimize zingers (sensitivity). The next step is adding the whitening agent on your teeth and allowing a light to activate it for about 20 minutes.. The whitening agent is powerful and it will whiten your teeth much faster than an over the counter product. There is a total of three 20 minutes sessions.  Your dental provider may add more gel and adjust the light after each session. 

In addition to the in-office procedure, we will provide you with take home trays to maintain a white and beautiful smile. The active ingredient in professional dental whitening is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. You will need to continue the treatment from home using your trays and the provided whitening product for two-four weeks and anywhere between 15-30 minutes a day. 

Individuals often get professional teeth whitening done for one or all of the following reasons:

  • They want a more attractive smile
  • They want to utilize their smile more as a social asset and therefore need it to be whiter
  • Want to have more success in their professional career
  • Want a healthier, brighter, and happier smile 

How Does Peroxide Whiten My Teeth?

The active ingredient will break down over time after it is applied to your teeth. During the breakdown process, oxygen is able to get into the enamel on your teeth and as a result, whitens the color of your teeth. This is why it can take a few appointments to get the right shade. 

The smile of a person before getting teeth whitening treatmentThe smile of a person after getting teeth whitening treatment

There Are Three Types of Treatment Routes with Teeth Whitening

As you are probably aware, there are two options you can choose from when attempting to whiten your teeth. You can either purchase an over-the-counter treatment option which uses a low-quality bleaching agent that is safe for all individuals or you can get your teeth whitened by a professional dental office. 

  • If you choose the over-the-counter route, whitening your teeth to the desired shade may take several attempts because of how low-potent the whitening chemical is. The most common product type for this is teeth whitening strips, which bleach the upper and lower six frontal teeth. 
  • If you choose the professional whitening procedure, you will receive a potent bleaching agent (peroxide gel) that is not available in the consumer market. Although the professional treatment will cost more, it will take fewer attempts to get to the desired shade that you want; many individuals walk away happy after one treatment. 

The third option is still professional whitening but it is done at-home as an “at home dentist-supervised” treatment. This option requires the patient to wear a custom-fitted mouth tray that contains the dentist-grade whitening gel for a few hours throughout the day or throughout the night. This treatment often lasts for one to two weeks, can help significantly lighten up severe stains through extended use, and can be adjusted to whiten up individual teeth. 

What Makes Our Dentist Office Unique?

We understand how important it is for you to have a smile that shows off your confidence, your positive attitude, and your attractiveness as an individual. As such, all of our dental services and treatments are centered around what our patients need and what is healthy for them and their teeth. We do not upsell unnecessary treatments or recommend a product that is not in your best interest.  We want you to have a beautiful and healthy smile that you are proud of and want to show off to the world.  So, what makes us different? We utilize a results-oriented approach that provides long-lasting solutions by using cutting-edge technology. 

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