Wisdom Teeth Removal In Tampa

While wisdom teeth removal may not be on the top of your list for dental procedures, it is one that is recommended by dentists due to the amount of problems your wisdom teeth can cause in the future. Your wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that sit right at the back of the mouth near the end of the gum line, and often appear between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. While most individuals develop four wisdom teeth, you can have as many as zero and, while they are prone to come in in awkward ways, sometimes they don’t come in at all.

An illustration of wisdom teeth pushing against other teeth

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended?

The wisdom teeth removal process is critical for many individuals because our jaws do not grow large enough to accommodate this third set of teeth. If they come in, there often isn’t sufficient space for them, causing direct damage to the teeth next to them and can cause your teeth to become overcrowded. Often they are can cause difficulty with home care hygiene. Plus, they can cause a ton of pain when they come in, especially if they come in impacted, and can become infected too. Dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth taken out before they become a problem and cause some serious issues. 

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

When wisdom teeth are unable to break the surface of the gums, they are considered impacted. This is generally caused by there being too little room for them to come through or they are mal-positioned (growing at different angle). An impacted wisdom tooth can become infected and it can cause tooth damage, sensitivity, pressure, and even cause your other teeth to realign themselves.  An impacted wisdom tooth can:

  • Grow straight up or down but stay underneath the gum-line and within the jawbone,
  • Grow at a right angle towards other teeth,
  • Grow towards the back of the mouth,
  • Grow towards the second molar and cause damage. 

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause the patient:

  • A lot of pain,
  • Bacteria build up from trapped food and debris,
  • Gum disease and infections,
  • Tooth decay of any portion of the wisdom tooth that has erupted,
  • Damage to nearby teeth,
  • Cyst development around the wisdom teeth,
  • Complications for other surrounding teeth that may require orthodontic treatments.

It is important to note that even if your wisdom teeth aren’t giving you any symptoms, they can still harbor disease, can be difficult to clean, and cause serious complications if they come in at later ages.

How Our Approach Provides You With Results & a Smile You’ll Love

Here at Tampa Palms Dentistry, we use a patient-centric approach to provide all of our dental patients the exact results they want and desire. While we do recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed to avoid further complications, we are more than happy to sit with you and go through all of your options.  

Many patients fear the dentist and especially nervous about wisdom teeth removal. Sedation options are available and we use cutting-edge technology (3D x-ray) to evaluate and recommend treatment. 

 In the end, we want you to have a healthy, pain-free, and revitalized smile. If you have any questions, please contact us at (813) 333-1922 to schedule a consultation.



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