3D Teeth X-Rays

Over the past few decades, the field of dentistry has seen major improvements in the technology offered to patients. While you might think of bright lights, drills, and bubblegum rinse as the standard of care, we are happy to say that our 3D dentistry services offer patients numerous features for how we go about diagnosing and treating dental problems. At Tampa Palms Dentistry, we always put your oral health and treatment first, and as such, here is what you need to know about our 3D teeth x-ray system.

A woman laying on a dentist chair while a dentist is taking x-rays of her teeth with a special x-ray device

How Does the 3D Dental X-Ray System Work?

The 3D dental x-ray system works by using a beam scanner to create a 3D image of your jaw and mouth. The x-ray beams are projected in a cone but are targeted towards the area of interest. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to is less than a traditional CT scan and provides an in-depth, high-resolution look at your dental profile.  The only thing you need to do is take off any jewelry you may have on before the scan. 

What Are the Benefits of 3D Teeth X-Rays?

  1. We can provide a pinpoint accurate treatment plan that will provide you with the best results possible. How? Nothing is hidden from view as we get a complete picture of your oral, jaw, and dental areas. It also allows us to show you what the problem is, increasing your knowledge and understanding of the problem at hand. 
  2. It reduces your exposure to radiation, as the size of the beam is limited in scope to just the area of interest.
  3. We can acquire all scan images in one single rotation, making the scan time very short. 
  4. We can assess bone density for various treatment procedures that require you to have a strong jaw. 
  5. The equipment is very user-friendly; therefore, all our dental technicians know how to work with it. 

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