Cavity Filling

When it comes to cavity fillings, there is a misconception that it is a painful and lengthy procedure. This misconception leads to many individuals feeling ashamed that they have to have a cavity filled in, but here at Tampa Palms Dentistry, we want you to know that everyone will experience a cavity at least once in their lifetime, and that the sooner you have it filled, the less serious the problem will be!

The mouth of a person with cavities before going through cavity filling treatmentThe mouth of a person with cavities after going through cavity filling treatment

What to Expect from a Cavity Filling Treatment?

Getting a cavity filled is a common, and very straightforward procedure that can take as little as an hour out of your day. It all starts with a short series of x-rays so that your dentist can get a clear idea of the location and size of the cavity. Following that, he or she will apply anesthesia to the surrounding area to dull any pain or discomfort. The procedure starts by drilling out the cavity and any decayed tooth, leaving only healthy tooth behind. Finally, the hole is filled with an appropriate filling for the patient, finishing the procedure. There are no major side effects of getting a cavity filled, though the numbness from the anesthetic will remain for several hours after the procedure is done.

What Types of Cavity Fillings Are There?

There are plenty of options when it comes to tooth fillings but at Tampa Palms Dentistry we offer composite fillings. Composite fillings or filled resins, are made to match the color of your teeth and are quite durable. They are perfect for filling in small to midsize cavities where moderate chewing is done. 

Here at Tampa Palms Dentistry, we cherish the one-on-one dentist to patient relationship, as it enables us to get to know you and what your oral health needs are. We are solely focused on the work at hand, and have a vested interest in seeing you heal with a treatment plan that you are confident in.  Here is a brief overview of what makes us different to other dental clinics. 

  • We offer very affordable financing plans,
  • We are happy to provide free second opinions on treatment plans,
  • We are results-oriented, focusing on giving you the dental treatment you need,
  • We use cutting-edge technology for long-lasting solutions,

Our bottom line is to help you heal and walk away healthy and happy. If you have any questions regarding cavity fillings or think you may need a cavity filled, call us today at (813) 333-1922 to schedule an appointment.



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